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What does the hourly fee include?

Each lesson is personally tailored to meet your child's needs. The hourly fee includes preparation time, travel to the venue and a full hour of teaching.

Is my home a suitable venue?

For home tuition, we will need a table to work at and a reasonably quiet environment without distractions. If this isn't possible, we can often find a library to work in. 

Do I need to book a minimum amount of lessons?

No, however it usually works best if we have a regular time slot. If you wish to stop the sessions or alter the session time it would be great to let me know well in advance so I know that the time slot is then free for other tutees.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel your lessons with 24 hours notice. The price of this lesson will be credited towards the next month's tuition.

A £25 fee applies if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice more than once per term - this allows for one unexpected sick day.

If for any reason you forget to cancel and I turn up for the session, the full fee will apply. 

How do I pay?


Payment is in cash at each session, or by monthly invoice in advance of the lessons you have booked. 

What does the price include?

The assessment price includes travel to the venue, approximately 4 hours of assessments, a comprehensive report and a follow up discussion to explain the report and answer any questions you may have. 

Is my home a suitable venue?

It is important that:

  • There is a table with chairs to work at

  • There are no distractions in the room (e.g. people walking through or pets can distract a child and therefore affect the test results)

  • It is quiet

How do I pay?

The assessment costs £450, payable on or before the day of the assessment by cash or bank transfer. 

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