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I know many parents will be worried about retaining structure for their children during this worrying time. I have worked hard to work out how to deliver the best online experience possible, and I am expanding my tuition services for everyone (not just children with dyslexia) to try to replicate the type of lessons and activities you might get at school via online platforms. 

The lessons will be conducted via Zoom (an online collaboration tool), and children will video chat with me as we work together on a shared whiteboard. The children will then be set assignments which they will submit via Seesaw (another easy to use online tool), and I will give feedback. You can choose English, Maths, both, or can alternate weeks.

Maths – up to GCSE

You will get a one hour, 1:1 lesson. It will include some arithmetic practice, a new concept or method, worked examples and practice questions.

You will then be set two worksheets, a game which practises the skills taught and a puzzle or word problem involving the skills taught. This will equate to one maths activity per day for the full week.

The method taught will be available as a video to review.

You should complete these and then submit them via Seesaw. You can also message me on Seesaw if you are stuck.


English – up to Y6

You will get a one hour, 1:1 lesson. It will include some SPAG work, some reading and planning for some writing. You may be asked to complete some reading in advance of the lesson.

You will then be set:

A reading comprehension
A spelling or SPAG activity/ game
2 short or 1 long writing task.

These should be completed and submitted via Seesaw. You can also message me on Seesaw for help and support.

If you are interested, please fill in this form and attach it in an email to me. 

Lessons Cost:

£35 for a lesson + follow up activities (paid for each session)

£120 for 4 lessons + follow up activities (paid in advance)