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Some children with dyslexia can have difficulties with short term memory and concentration. 

I have found these games to be good fun to play whilst also helping children to build memory and concentration skills. 


Cobra Paw

This is an awesome game and really easy to play. You roll two dice to get a symbol combination, and find the tile which has the matching symbol combination. It's fast paced and encourages good visual perception. 


Memory Aids

You need to find what works best for your child. 

Some ideas include

  • Songs - some children can learn multiplication tables really well using songs!

  • Initial Letters - e.g. ROY G BIV for the colours of the rainbow

  • Memorable phrases - e.g. My very easy method just speeds up naming (planets). 

  • Visualisation - picture things you need to remember in a familiar place (like your bedroom)



This is also known as 'Spot it.'

Every card has one and only one picture in common with every other card. The aim is to spot which picture the cards have in common. 

To add an extra literacy skill to this, you can write rather than say the answer.

Also see my alphabet dobble and b/d/p dobble. 


Matching Pairs

Lay out cards in a clear pattern.


Turn over pairs. If you find a matching pair, you get to keep it and take another turn.  


Copy my...

Create a pattern using lego or beads, and get the child to copy it exactly. 

You can also add in a communication task by building your pattern in secret, and then trying to describe it accurately so it can be copied. 

The game 'Mental Blox' from learning resources is also good for this. 



Checklists can be really useful for remembering those everyday routines. 

You can use stickers, whiteboards and a pen to tick, or a folding design. 

Write on what needs to be remembered, and then place it somewhere obvious to help trigger the child's memory. 

Here is an example of a writing checklist for primary school. 

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