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Although every child with dyslexia is unique, there are some common difficulties experienced by many children. Below are ideas developed from my experience and research to help with these areas of difficulty.

If you love our ideas, we also have a companion website which offers structured, multisensory resources to support all aspects of dyslexia, along with tutorial videos so that anyone can teach like a specialist! 

Visit to find out more!


Activities for practising those commonly reversed letters and numbers.


Often, children will need to practise a skill many times to secure it. Here are some phonics, spelling and reading games to prevent this being boring!

Memory and Concentration

Games and ideas to develop memory and concentration skills.


Ideas for developing vocabulary 


It can be hard to remember the many methods and facts required for efficient maths. Extra practice ideas here.

High Frequency Words

Learning the most commonly occurring words by heart is an effective way of improving reading efficiency and spelling.

Handwriting & Fine Motor

Difficulties with handwriting are common for children with dyslexia. 

Phonological Awareness

The ability to hear the fine sounds which make up words can be developed with lots of practice. 

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