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Reading, writing and spelling are usually the aspects of literacy that children with dyslexia find most difficult. Here a

Image by Ben Mullins


Audiobooks are a brilliant way for children who are struggling with reading to experience the joy of a story. 


Spelling Board Game

This downloadable board game provides a lot of spelling practice for any list of words. 

Game board



Letter memory trick

Often, children can find it difficult to remember the sentence they want to write. It can help to write the first letter of each word as you 'think' the sentence, and then go back to fill in the spellings, using the letters to jog your memory. 


Pre-learn Vocabulary

Before tackling a new book or topic, try to pick out some new words which will be difficult to read. 

You could put these onto flashcards and go through them, making sure that children are familiar with the look of the word and meaning before tackling the new book. 

Twinkl has some excellent topic themed word mats which are a useful reference before starting a new topic. 



When helping children to 'sound out' a word, you can draw a box for each sound (as shown in the picture). 

This can also be extended to a box for each syllable to help with spelling longer words. 


Sentence builder

This is a good game and can be easily adapted to help with lots of grammar and punctuation. 

Use these cards to add in extra challenge to the game. 

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